www.flvto.com – convert YouTube video to MP3!!

You see that song you like, or that podcast you want to hear, on YouTube.  But you’d love to have it on your computer, without the tedium of having to watch the video, or the boring, rotating images.  Sure, RealPlayer gives you an option to convert video to MP3, but a lot of the time it hangs up, or doesn’t convert properly.  With Google Chrome, many report it doesn’t even let you do it at all.

Now, with FLVTO, you can convert ANY video online into an MP3.  Simply go to the video you want to convert. Then in another tab or window, open up www.flvto.com.  Copy the video’s URL into the entry box provided on the FLVTO site.  Then click convert.  After a minute or so, your MP3 file is ready to be downloaded to your computer!